Friday, February 17, 2017

Young Men Will Have Visions and Old Men Will Have Dreams-Athens GA Inside Out-1987

Art by Howard Finster

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Athens Ga Inside/Out is, of course, a wonderful documentary made in 1986 about the Athens, GA music scene.  It really captures a time and place- Athens in the mid 1980's. The recent CD/DVD package released by Omnivore records is highly recommended and contains bonus tracks not available elsewhere as well as the film itself- it can be bought here.

What I have for you here is a companion mix to the film, meant to supplement not replace the re-release, this mix features the music on the original issue of the soundtrack as well as some tracks missing from both the soundtrack and its re-release but featured in the film (like the opening "Fun To Be Happy" by Love Tractor, both B-52 tracks and Limbo District's rare "A La Maison") all put in the chronological order in which they appeared in the film.

1. Fun To Be Happy- Love Tractor
2. Swan Swan H- REM
3. Work That Skirt-B-52's
4. 52 Girls- B-52's
5. Oh Shit (His and Hearse) Bar-B-Que Killers
6. Window Sill- Time Toy
7. Hi- Time Toy
8. A La Maison- Limbo District
9. Jet Tone Boogie- The Flat Duo Jets
10. Baby Blue (Crazy Hazy Kisses)- Flat Duo Jets
11. Golden- Dream So Real
12. Nightfall- The Kilkenny Cats
13. Pretty- Love Tractor
14. Got To Give It Up- Love Tractor
15. Na, Na, Na, Na- The Squalls
16. Elephant Radio- The Squalls
17. Stop It- Pylon
18. Dream- REM
19. Italian Movie Theme- Pylon

There's a lot of great music here, everybody has their personal favorites- mine are The Flat Duo Jets (from whom the White Stripes borrowed a big chunk of their image & sound) Pylon, Love Tractor, R.E.M., and Time Toy.  There are many great moments in the film the funniest is when Walter from Walter's BBQ says "I had another group come by I think their name is the Asshole Surfers, they come by and eat my BBQ, they try to pattern themselves on REM." There's also plenty of great footage of folk artist and man of visions Howard Finster as well.  Buy the film/soundtrack from Omnivore! And enjoy this alternate version. Below is the Flat Duo Jets amazing sequence (some Southern Gothic rockabilly adrenalin), then Pylon's "Stop It" and REM's version of "Dream".

I visited Athens in the late 90's and it still seemed a wonderful place that hadn't been too corrupted by the popularity of the music scene(s). Got to see Stipe's two houses-one for his art and one for him- while there and ate at the Grit. Georgia is a beautiful state, one of the best parts of the South, visit if and when you can.

As a bonus here's the Asshole Surfers covering REM-

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