Monday, March 6, 2017

God Gave Rock n' Roll To Ya

I met Unrest's Mark E. Robinson once, he was a real nice guy, we played the Tommy pinball machine at Emo's (awful austin music venue) together.  For some reason I thought he would be into mid-60's Who, I guess cause Unrest was such a perfect pop band by that time as were the Who in the mid-60's.  He was bemused but kind about my misunderstanding, turns out he was mainly into 4AD & Factory Records and other early 80's British music. We both sucked at pinball, he actually more than I, though I loved that Tommy themed machine and did have a couple of great games on it back in the day.

Anyway he was a nice contrast to Ira Kaplan from Yo La Tengo who I also met around the same time (early to mid 90's) and who was a sour fellow embarrassed about his past as a music writer, when in reality its the coolest thing he ever did. Unrest's cover of Argent's "God Gave RocknRoll to You" (from the Bavarian Mods single) follows, the song was also covered, albeit badly, by Kiss. Someone put the Unrest version of the song to the opening of the Breakfast Club (framed weirdly), having recently re-watched that film I gotta say I now like the principal the best. I even like his "wardrobe"!  Fuck those whiny kids, I'd like to take a swing at Bender. Guess I'm getting old. 

Favorite old 45's listened to today:

1. Bavarian Mods- Unrest
2. My Movie- J.F.A.
3. The Winter Hawk E.P.- Elf Power
4. Borungku Si Derita- Sun City Girls
5. Poor Boys Born in a Rubble- The Standells (sundazed ep)

Tonight's double feature is Mod Fuck Explosion & Heathers, a suitable pairing both with Unrest connections.

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