Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Flower, Punk!-Exploring The Contours Of An Imaginary Genre

their acid cut with too much speed, their sound more foreboding than blissful, they met under television skies on the other side of no direction. they sat in bottles pretending they were in cans knowing their girls weren't right & wouldn't touch them no how. they got busted with charlie brown & the beave for copping dirt weed from uncle fester outside 1313 mockingbird lane while the standells played. finked on by eddie h. & shipped out by uncle sam, napalm nam split their minds open. killed with a living death that forever saw that mocking hysterical joker face in the flowers & sky. they would they were a weed. 

back home eating fatback bacon & spiked cornflakes no one knew their name, no guru would have them, their face did not fit. they drove right past nirvana sipping milkshakes with charlie manson's angels. the mini-skirt blues drove 'em crazy & their seed gone bad. they broke their brains & lost their souls, which like their threads were on installment from sears roebuck. so they goofed on jello in all night cafes until the mind gangsters & the brain police vibed them straight out the room. but if you squint in the wrong direction at sundown you can still see their shadows on the corner eating flowers, haunted hallways & mother's pills. 

1. Hangin' Out- The Blox
2. Satisfy You- The Seeds
3. Stephanie Knows Who- Love
4. Not Right- The Stooges
5. How Does It Feel to Feel- The Creation
6. Blue Is Beautiful- The Make-Up
7. Earthquake- 13th Floor Elevators
8. Seventh World- Sleepers
9. 7 And 7 Is- The Soul Benders
10. Split Myself In Two- Meat Puppets
11. Mini Skirt Blues-Flower Children
12. Cloud 149-Pere Ubu
13. Rejected- Sterling Damon
14. They Saved Hitler's Cock- Angry Samoans
15. Spazz- The Elastik Band
16. The Madman (Running Through The Fields)- Eric Burdon & The Animals
17. My Movie- J.F.A.
18. Feathered Fish- Sons of Adam
19. Repulsive Situation-Gaylon Lord
20. The Wind Blows Your Hair- The Seeds
21. Final Solution- Pere Ubu
22. Please Go Home- The Rolling Stones
23. It's Raining Today- Angry Samoans
24. Let Me Out- The Lost Generation
25. Flower Punk- Mothers of Invention
26. 7 And 7 Is- Five By Five

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