Friday, May 18, 2018

Is Our Children Learning-A Fractured Fairy Tale

Malcolm McDowell & Lindsay Anderson

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1. Hell To Pay At the Gates Of Heaven-Peter Doherty
2. Istanbul- Four Lads
3. Let England Shake- P.J. Harvey
4. Walk With Me Sydney-The Pink Floyd
5. Poor People- Alan Price
6. Me & Magdalena- The Monkees
7. Soy Loco Por Ti America- Caetano Veloso
8. Help Save The Youth of America-Billy Bragg
9. Golden Hours- Brian Eno
10. Here Comes My Baby- Cat Stevens
11. Beg Steal or Borrow- Babyshambles
12. I Can't Change It- Frankie Miller
13. I Can See For Miles- Petra Haden
14. The Last Living Rose- P.J. Harvey
15. Forever's No Time At All- Pete Townshend & Billy Nicholls
16. Single Bed- Fox
17. Sunshine O.D.-The Rightovers
18. Look Over Your Shoulder-Alan Price
19. Down For The Outing-Peter Doherty
20. No Light- William w/ Evil E.
21. Written On The Forehead- P.J. Harvey
22. O' Lucky Man!- Alan Price

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  1. Long live P.J. Harvey! And that O Lucky Man soundtrack will never go out of style.