Thursday, May 24, 2018

Whiskers on Kittens vs. Lumps of Coal

"Face front you got the future shining like a piece of gold but i swear as we get closer it looks more like a lump of coal".  My favorite purchase of late is the Historia De La Musica Rock Clash album (its just Give Em Enough Rope) which I bought sealed for 8 bucks. Those of a certain age will vividly remember this Spanish series of albums, the best one I have is of the Small Faces which has all their early hits.

Anyone whose read this blog before knows I'm no fan of the 21st century-far as I can see its been one big wash out from 9-11 to Gitmo to the Patriot Act to Smart Phones (pod people) to the mainstreaming of stupid conspiracy theories by the radical right to our first orange president. But one thing that has reached a bit of a peak this side of the century is T.V. So in order to concentrate on the positive here's some of my favorites of late- Peaky Blinders ( I like to think of the brother Arthur as Billy Childish), Mr. Robot (first season has incredible momentum, 2nd treads water a bit) The Deuce (I've never seen James Franco happier than when acting against himself) and Legion which shows the way for CGI to be used creatively and whose best character is a leisure suited beat poet stranded in the astral plane named Oliver Bird played by Jemaine Clement.  The show makes lots of nods to, among many things favorites such as Kubrick, The Who, Syd Barrett, and even Hipgnosis's 10CC artwork (dig that diver's suit).

Now having dealt with this century let me tell you about a few of my fave raves from the 20th century which I miss dearly.  First and best is Duncan Hannah's 20th Century Boy-Notebooks of the Seventies, this book is pure fun 400 odd pages about growing up in the 70's, lots of carefree and good humored sex, cinema, art and music.  On nearly every page there is some wonderful anecdote about someone famous or who will become famous-seeing the New York Dolls, Television opening for the Modern Lovers, Iggy wetting his panties on New Year's Eve 1973 etc etc.  One of my favorite bits is where he talks about waiting in line in the rain in NYC to see Nicolas Roeg's Don't Look Now and seeing Johnny Thunders in line as well.  This passage will give you a feel for the book- 

I escape with Rob Duprey for a couple of days, where we hang out amongst teenagers in revolt, or perhaps they're revolting teenagers. We go to an erotic film in a Georgetown arthouse, where we watch a young blond girl remover her panties, sit on a soccer ball, and rock back and forth for quite a while. This seems to make her feel unusual. We both agree it's pretty good. Afterwards we walk in Dumbarton Oaks, then the Botanical Gardens, pretending we're in a Jules Verne story. We're Victorians in modern times.


Bookwise I'd also recommend My Lunches With Orson which is transcriptions of conversations over lunch between Orson Welles and Henry Jaglom.  Orson is hilarious throughout a shit talking genius who knew or met just about everyone of note in the 20th Century.  I'm also digging Stuart Sutcliffe a retrospective and Carolyn Geduld's Filmguide to 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Untitled 1961-62- Stuart Sutcliffe

I'm growing tired of writing (with a busted mouse no less) and I'm sure your getting tired too so let me just mention quickly the following recent favorites- Rod Serling's early 70's show Night Gallery, Shout Factory's release of One Day At A Time and Criterion's edition of if....

Vaya Con Dios

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